Mirage has been created from sand collected from seventy deserts across the world, in a global act of collaboration.

Deliblato Sands

Делиблатска пешчара

Once part of a vast prehistoric desert, Deliblato Sands, Serbia, is one of the largest sand dune areas in Europe. Ergs are vast areas of sand dunes that are shaped by the wind, and they are typically found in arid and semi-arid regions of the world.

"By participating in the project of creating a large-scale glass sculpture, as a work of art in an open public space, I see desertification as a complex issue that requires a multidimensional approach. Solving desertification requires not only physical and technological solutions, but also a deeper analysis of cultural and social structures. Our understanding of the environment is not just a neutral or objective assessment of the physical world, but is also shaped by cultural and social forces." Jelena Rubil