Mirage has been created from sand collected from seventy deserts across the world, in a global act of collaboration.

Gobi Desert

ᠬᠣᠩᠭᠣᠷ ᠤᠨ_ᠡᠯᠡᠰᠦ

Gobi Desert is a vast arid region lying across southern Mongolia and northwestern China, known for its dunes and mountainous terrain, and experiencing a rain shadow effect from the Himalaya range.

"We travelled all the way south to Gobi desert which is 800km one way from our Ulannbaatar city where we live. A friend of mine Mr. Battull travelled with me to the Gobi desert. He drove a Russian 4X4 van called UAZ Furgon and helped me to collect sand. We reached massive dunes called Khongor sand dunes. We went there for collecting the finest sand and, well, we completed our mission. Sand dune collecting procedures, several days of an adventure tour, driving through rough roads with a strong 4x4 vehicle..was not so difficult. Sand shipping related procedures, permissions and paperwork were really challenging. After going through complicated procedures finally we complete requirements and able to ship it! I was very happy being part of this interesting and special project.” Batsuren Jamiyansuren