Mirage has been created from sand collected from seventy deserts across the world, in a global act of collaboration.

Guban Desert

Guban Desert is a coastal desert running to the easternmost tip of Northern Somalia, featuring hot, dry plains and sparse steppe vegetation.

“Collecting sand samples in Somaliland was a challenging task as it involved obtaining permits for both sand collection and shipping, as well as gaining approval from the local elders who own the land that belongs to different clans. However, it was a new and exciting experience for me to collect sand samples from the El-Sheikh location in Guban. The desert landscape varies depending on the location. However, it is typically characterized by vast expanses of sandy terrain and rocks, especially black rocks that appear to have been burned for a long time near the seaside, which is 120 km from Hargeisa in the north. The journey to the desert involved passing through other types of landscapes, such as mountainous regions and flat, open plains. During the journey, we observed various types of flora and fauna, such as cacti, desert lizards, and small mammals like antelopes.” Khalid Mohamed Osman